Have Mic, Will Talk


Being the youngest of four kids I've never been shy of a crowd. And now, as a grown woman, I love nothing more than getting a good blow dry, jumping on stage and spicing things up with a bunch of strangers. 

When I'm not reviewing restaurants there's a chance you might find me doing the rounds of food festivals,  judging salami competitions, guesting on TV, moderating panels, hosting events, getting grilled on radio, speaking at writers festivals or trying to look good while making cannoli.

I'm majorly up for putting my two bob's worth in on matters of food, drink, culture and hospitality. I know how to charm a crowd and tell good stories, and thanks to my Catholic girls' school education, I know my way around a well-enunciated vowel, too.

Want to hire me, invite me as a guest on your show or get me hosting something food/media related?  SURE YOU DO. Get in touch.

e: leanne@leanneclancey.com