FEATURE || Restaurant Etiquette 101 (or: How to be a Better Diner)

Because there’s no equivalent of TripAdvisor for rating customers, I decided to turn the tables to let some hospitality pros dish the dirt on bad diners for my Australian Traveller column.   


Since the media (and ergo, the world) became obsessed with food, it seems like every second grandma and school kid is laminating chocolate and sous vide-ing their venison. But while our levels of gastronomic sophistication might be at an all-time high, elsewhere our food experience is lagging. When it comes to being good diners we seem to have forgotten our manners.

In the process of researching this story, I heard all sorts of tall tales, sordid secrets, and noted down more than a few cases of inappropriate, un-PC line crossing endured by hospo pros. Perhaps more than most other industries, there's plenty that our restaurant industry pals can handle, but when it comes down to it, they have three things to say to you: communicate; be kind; and for crying out loud, put your phone away.