TRAVEL FEATURE || Tasmania's Satellite Island

Sometimes in my job I really have to pinch myself. Sure, I get meet lots of cool people and go to  lots of cool places, but sometimes you just stop and say "Wow. this is ridiculous". A recent trip to a private island off the coast of southern Tasmania was one such experience.

Never heard of Satellite Island? That’s probably because those who have want to keep it that way.

Located in a sheltered pocket of the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, the rugged 34-hectare landmass can only be reached by private boat from nearby Bruny Island. Once you’re there, it’s just you, the house, a few wild deer and a whole lot of nature. There are no roads, no shops, no other guests, not even wi-fi – which is how visitors like it.

I recently spent a weekend on the island for Broadsheet. You can read my story HERE.

IMAGES: Peter Tarasiuk

IMAGES: Peter Tarasiuk

Huge thank you to Kate at Satellite Island and Sherene at Tourism Tasmania for making our trip possible.


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