EVENT || Melbourne Salami Festa

When the Melbourne Salami Festa first kicked off in a dingy little old-man club in Thornbury back in 2012, no-one had a clue about the huge meaty beast that was about to be unleashed. I wrote about it for Broadsheet, thinking it might attract a couple of hundred locals. When I rocked up on game day I was forced to join a queue of hundreds snaking down High Street and reality kicked in. Melbourne people are really into salami.

Four years, thousands of punters, and many kilos of pork later, the festa is bigger and better than the organisers could ever have dreamed. It's now a two-day affair and this year attracted over 100 entrants. But more importantly (for me at least), this year I was invited to join the official panel of salami judges. Talk about #careergoals. Oh yes!!

If you love a sausage and you're kicking 'round this weekend then head down to the Northcote Town Hall. There's always plenty to eat and drink (hot porchetta rolls and Aperol spritz from Ladro always gets my vote), plus there's live music, demonstrations and of course, A LOT of salami to taste. I'll be there, slowly lapsing into a meat coma as the day wears on (I have more than 100 salamis to judge, people. SERIOUSLY!). Come say hey.

PS: me and Festa co-founder an organiser, Linda Catalano went on 774 ABC Melbourne to talk about cured meats (and drop a few salami puns) with host, Waleed Aly.




Northcote Town Hall

8-9 October, 2016