INTERVIEW || Leon Bridges

In March 2015 I discovered the music of up-and-coming Texan singer songwriter, Leon Bridges and like a lot of people, I fell crazy in love with his whole vibe - the look, the sound, the dance moves - as well as the honesty and integrity that Leon brings to his art. Take a listen here and you'll see what I mean

If you're a fan of spine-tingling heartfelt gospel, handsome men in smart vintage attire or mid-century soul a la Sam Cooke and Otis Redding then there's a good chance you'll be diggin' his vibe too.

Image:  Rambo . 

Image: Rambo

Naturally, I was pretty excited when I got the chance to interview Leon over the phone from Dallas during his sold out US tour. That was in October, shortly after he had announced a forthcoming tour to Australia for our summer festival season. 

Since that time, the Fort Worth native has been nominated for a Grammy, short-listed for a best-original-song Oscar and made everyone fall in love with him on his sold out tour of Australia - yet he still took time out to hang with me backstage and let me get a cute pic.

Backstage at RRR FM studios in Brunswick.

Backstage at RRR FM studios in Brunswick.

The guy is hugely talented and on the cusp of being a massive star, yet he still has the nicest manners of probably anyone I've met on the job. He's a bit of a charmer too.

My interview with Leon appeared on Broadsheet in December 2015. 

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