MEDIA || Channel 31 guest spot

People tell me this all the time and it's sooooo true; the world really is too small for two Maeve O'Mearas. So with that in mind I responded with a whopping "HELL YES" when asked whether I wanted to be a guest on my friend's TV show, The Ancestral Body recently.

The handsome fellow behind (and in front of) the show, Charby Ibrahim is my good friend, so we got a bit cheeky and had a heap of fun (even though I didn't have a script.. or a recipe... and even despite the fact that I said the word "fling" about 27 times). But hey! That's community TV at its best and every future starlet needs to get their start somewhere, innit.

Want to watch the segment and see what I cooked? Of course you do! "Fling" it on! x