NEWS || Greg Malouf Eyes Off His Next Move

In the Australian food scene, and indeed world-over, he's considered the godfather of modern Middle Eastern cuisine. For me, he's been a colleague, mentor and now friend of almost 20 years. 

Melbourne-born, Lebanese-blooded chef Greg Malouf has been a busy man since he closed his restaurant, MoMo and left Melbourne in 2012. 

Greg Malouf. Image supplied.

Greg Malouf. Image supplied.

He notably scored a Michelin star during his time at England's Petersham Nurseries, and for the past two years he's been stationed in Dubai, heading up the kitchen at the glitzy Clé Dubai.

But things are stirring, and Greg's ready for his next project. It sounds like he's keen to make a departure from his signature high-end Middle Eastern fare and tap into the growing mid-range market. We chatted over dinner on his recent visit to Melbourne and I wrote about it for Good Food. 



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