INTERVIEW || Creative Women's Circle

This week I was featured on the Creative Women's Circle site, which was pretty nice.

CWC founder, and all-round creative genius, Tess McCabe probed me on what got me started in the biz, the process for writing An Appetite for Melbourne and the projects that I'm working on now.

The interview ended up being more of a trip down teenage memory lane than I'd bargained for, and through the process of looking back, I've found it kinda reassuring to realise that I'm now (finally) living and working in alignment with a bunch of old passions and natural talents that were clearly there for me from a young age..

You can read the full interview here.

Are you creative and a woman? Why not sign yourself up for a CWC membership?

The cost is modest and it will mean that you get discounts to various services and their excellent events as well as your very own listing and profile page on their site (and maybe even a chance to be featured on their blog, like I did).

I think the thing I most love about being a CWC member (and attending their events) is the people I meet. Get me into a room full of driven, entrepreneurial, big-dreaming creative ladies and I always end up feeling inspired, connected and super jazzed - something that's really important (and totally priceless) when you're a solo freelancer.