Notes from the road

I'm now into week three of an almost month-long trip around California. As I type this I'm sitting at a desk in a rustic shack in the middle of the Mojave Desert just outside of Joshua Tree. 


In heat, dust, openness and solitude. Exactly as I'd hoped I'd be.

I've long had a calling to visit this place and as I drove into JT at dusk two nights ago I knew I'd come to the right place. There's a magical hazy softness to the light here and gentle warm breeze in the air. And more stars than you'll ever hope to see.

At first glance it looks empty, barren. But the desert here is teeming with all kinds of flora, birdlife and critters. And of course, the statuesque and hauntingly beautiful Joshua trees.

Sunset here is a special time. The 'city' me disappeared and my heart melted when I watched San Bernadino mountains turn a warm shade of rust as the sun slowly disappeared towards someone else's tomorrow. See more snaps here.