LA Story

I'm heading to California in a couple of week's time. And I'm excited.

Initially, the plan was to catch up with some expat Aussie pals who are now living in Los Angeles, but realising that I'd be faced with more inspiring food situations than I could possibly keep to myself, I decided to pitch a few ideas to my editors. The good news is, I managed to hustle a few commissions to write stuff while I'm on the road, so my exploits will not go undocumented.

In the lead up to my trip I've been talking to a bunch of people about LA, and one of the conversations that I had last week uncovered this little gem; that Melbourne DJ Grant Smillie is getting ready to launch a new mod-Asian restaurant, EP and adjoining rooftop bar, Long Play in West Hollywood (WeHo) later this year. 

What's particularly cool about this one is that not only has he managed to poach Sydney Longrain chef, Louis Tikaram to lead the kitchen but he's also engaged the talents of Melbourne design team, Projects of Imagination (Chin Chin, Golden Fields, Moon Under Water, Supernormal) to execute the fit out. Read more about it from today's Good Food Epicure here.

What about you? Any must-do faves in LA or elsewhere in California? I'd love to hear your tips.

Image: Daniel Callopy

Image: Daniel Callopy