FEATURE || Shifting Plates

For the spring issue of Broadsheet's print edition I was asked to head out and investigate the changing trends in food presentation, or 'plating up' as it's known in the biz.

Dave Verheul of Carlton's The Town Mouse. IMAGE:  BROOK JAMES .

Dave Verheul of Carlton's The Town Mouse. IMAGE: BROOK JAMES.

It was a fun gig, whereby I spoke with three of Melbourne's top chefs: dessert doyenne Phillippa Sibley from Prix Fixe, Dave Verheul from The Town Mouse and that charming and talented Italiano, Riccardo Momesso of Hawksburn's Valentino Calabrian Kitchen.

Each of these chefs has their own very individual sense of style and identity around the issue and I found out that there's much that informs what goes onto a plate and how than just plain aesthetics.

A good chef's plating style is often inspired by much more than trend or image. The really good ones manage to weave elements of culture, history and provenance into their plating story - sometimes a touch of humour, nostalgia and whimsy too.

The Broadsheet spring print edition is now floating around Melbourne's best restaurants and cafes, otherwise you can read the full article online here.